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Plantronics P 100-745-CB Savi Charging Base for 5 units

Plantronics P 100-745-CB Savi Charging Base for 5 units


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Thanks to the modular design of the Savi 700 Series, shift workers, like contact center employees who share desks, can share a headset system without having to share their headset.

You purchase only the number of Savi 700 Series headset systems you need for each desk – not for each employee. Purchase more headsets without having to purchase full Savi 700 Series systems, leveraging your total cost of ownership in a shift-changing work environment. Furthermore, if shift workers are using the CS500® or CS500 XD Series wireless systems, they can now charge their headsets with the same spare charging unit that’s being used with the Savi 700 Series headsets.

SAVI Charging Base Sharing PDF

PLEASE NOTE: Other product required for this set up 

P 100-740-CRADLE

P 105-40-RH

P 100 500 – Includes Cradle

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