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Starkey Headset Group

For 25 years, the Starkey Headset Group, has been providing the industry’s most reliable Call Center and Commercial Telephone Headsets. Starkey Headsets are manufactured using only the finest materials and along with expert engineering, Starkey Headsets offer outstanding durability and value. We provide a complete line of the following: High Quality Wired Headsets, Amplifiers, Connecting cords, Accessories and professional repair services.

Starkey S 240 Wireless Headset

Telephone & USB & Bluetooth Telephone cord Power Supply Adjustable Mic Bluetooth Connection PC/TEL button Mic Mute Switch Ring ON/OFF LED Status Light on Base

Starkey S 235 Wireless Headset

Telephone & PC Connection Telephone cord Power Supply Adjustable Headband Mic mute button Mic Volume External Ring ON/OFF

Starkey S 230 Wireless Headset

This super light weight, single connectivity wireless headset provides outstanding sound quality in a very cost effective package. It features 2 wearing styles, on the ear and over the head and ships with the following accessories: What’s in the box Charging base Headset Headband Ear Hook Power Adaptor Telephone connection cord Changeable red headset cover … Continue reading Starkey S 230 Wireless Headset

Starkey S 5600 USB Duo Elite Headset

Light Weight, High quality polymer construction for durability Mylar wrapped wires for added strength Fully adjustable 300 degree mic boom for flexibility 3.5 mm plug USB adapter Call control with mute Noise Canceling KrystalClear Mic for outstanding audio performance your callers will appreciate Ultra dense leatherette ear cushions for maximum comfort SuperSharp speakers for outstanding … Continue reading Starkey S 5600 USB Duo Elite Headset

Starkey S 195 XL Ear Cushion


Starkey S130-PLX-NC-HM with “Hot Mic”

Starkey Custom Top with “Hot Mic” The Starkey S130 PLX-NC-HM is a “Noise Canceling” Custom Headset. It is the lightest headset you can buy.  This headset requires a custom ear mold at an additional cost.  Please contact our offices at (847) 298-8100 for further assistance!   Features:  Total Comfort – The earpiece dissipates heat keeping your ear … Continue reading Starkey S130-PLX-NC-HM with “Hot Mic”

Starkey S139-4PIN

Unified Communications 3.5 mm plug to Starkey Quick disconnect Alcatel Phone Models 8028s/8058s/8068s/8078s/8088

Starkey S139 LONG

3.5 mm Plug to Starkey Quick Disconnect Alcatel Phone Models 4038/4039/8028/8029/8038/8039

Starkey S190-SL Small Leatherette Ear Cushion for Jabra 2100

Starkey T1000 Wired & GN 2100 Wired & GN 9120 Wireless Series Replacement Small Leatherette Ear Cover

Starkey S134-CON-NC Convertible Headset & S135=HIS cable for Avaya 9600 Phones

Offering Total Versatility in a Call Center Grade Headset The Starkey Convertible Over the Head and On Ear Headset gives you 2 headsets in one.  When your apparel or hair style makes it impractical to wear an over the head headset, just pop out the over the head ear pad and quickly insert the ear … Continue reading Starkey S134-CON-NC Convertible Headset & S135=HIS cable for Avaya 9600 Phones

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